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Acrylic Yarn Jersey

The most celebrated garment we manufacture is the Acrylic Yarn Jersey. This can keep you warm by not letting the temperature outside get through the jersey. We make this in various colors and sizes.


Best quality knitted socks in a variety of colors, sizes and designs. School socks can be made according to the required standards.


School t-shirts/ company t-shirts/ promotional t-shirts or any other t-shirt can be designed in any size, color, design & material.

Knitted sweaters

Quality and stylish knitted sweaters to keep you warm. There is a variety of colors, designs and sizes that can be chosen.


School flags, company flags or any other flag can be designed in different sizes and materials.


Quality knitted school pullovers for primary and upper school students.

Baby clothes

Comfortable knitted baby clothes in various attractive designs and sizes.

Car mirror hangers

We make ornamental car mirror hangers for schools and other companies.

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