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We have been providing quality knitted apparel and promotional items for institutional needs and events. We started our company in 2007 with only two sewing machines. Starting small, we developed our business up to this level while gathering more employees to work with us in order to provide quality products and an efficient service. Our prior aim is to provide customer satisfaction through supplying quality products that can serve their purpose. We cater to mass scale inquiries (orders) regarding schools, companies and other institutes. Our factory is located in Hiyarapitiya, Handessa, Kandy, Sri Lanka. With all the facilities including circular knitting machines and an experienced staff we have been able to provide an efficient and effective service as well as quality products to our clients.


To become a locally as well as globally renowned knitwear brand


Work productively, ethically & harmoniously in order to provide best quality knitwear to our clientele.

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